05/25/14 — Into the future -- Wayne Christian School

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Into the future -- Wayne Christian School

By Melinda Harrell
Published in News on May 25, 2014 1:50 AM

The Class of 2014 at Wayne Christian School only has 14 students -- 14 seniors who have grown up together, who have celebrated successes together and who have lamented failures together.

And on Friday at the Academy's graduation ceremony -- those 14 students recalled their journey -- and prepared to say goodbye.

"I am glad that every single one of these graduates are here today. We are not only a class, but a family," Salutatorian Connor Jones said during his address to his class.

Valedictorian Eric Barrow shared his memories of the trips the class took together and looked to the future, vowing to remain friends with each of his classmates throughout his life.

"I remember as a freshman it seemed like graduation was a lifetime away. Looking back now, I can't believe how quickly it came," he said.

"While all these memories are in the past, there will be some that continue into the future. We are probably the most closely knit class to graduate from WCS. As a class, we have made each other laugh and watched out for each other. The friendships I have made here will stay with me for the rest of my life. These friendships will make the hard times easier and the good times better."

Barrow offered his fellow classmates a challenge for the future as well.

"Now, as we finish this chapter in our lives, we have to look toward the future. As we head off to college, we will be faced with many new trials and our faith will be challenged. Many will try to take from us that which made us who we are. I challenge you, Class of 2014, to be different. Keep the faith. I challenge you to give your all in whatever God has called you to do," Barrow said.

Many of the graduates, on their journey through their final year in high school, gave much of their time to community service, some spending more than 200 hours giving back.

Some students ambitiously pursued scholastic endeavors, striving for the top grades that would allow them to pursue careers in geographical information systems or the sciences.

But all of them have made some sort of impact on one another, the students said.

"This class may be small in number, but we have as much heart as any class that walked through those halls," Connor said.

The Class of 2014's "heart" was on display as each graduate accepted his or her diploma -- some crying and some smiling, and as they embraced their families and thanked their parents and the WCS staff for all the help and guidance that made it possible for them to turn their tassels.