05/28/14 — Wayne County woman runs over scooter, shoots home

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Wayne County woman runs over scooter, shoots home

By John Joyce
Published in News on May 28, 2014 1:46 PM

A Wayne County woman is charged with shooting into an occupied dwelling after a neighbor discovered a bullet in his residence Sunday.

Starsha Topreme Sutton, 33, allegedly shot a round into the home of Johnny Rodriguez, 31, 109 Deer Meadow Drive, three days earlier.

Rodriguez reported the incident to the Wayne County Sheriff's Office Sunday. The bullet allegedly entered his home following an altercation between his neighbors Thursday.

Rodriguez told deputies his neighbors were recently evicted due to complaints. While giving his statement, Rodriguez pointed out one of the neighbors, Dontay Sutton.

Sutton told deputies he and his wife had been arguing earlier in the week and she'd thrown him out, according to the report.

Sutton said he returned to the house the next day to pick up some belongings and Mrs. Sutton ran over his scooter with her vehicle.

Sutton then went in the house to collect his things. While in the house he heard a gun shot but assumed his wife had shot his scooter, the report said.

The bullet wound up instead in Rodriguez's home. Another adult and two children were in the home at the time of the shooting. No one was injured.

Mrs. Sutton was not present while the deputies were at the scene.

Mr. Sutton admitted to police his wife does own a handgun, but he did not know where she kept it.

A warrant for shooting into occupied dwelling has been secured for Mrs. Sutton.