04/27/14 — Salvation Army sets date for purse, shoe sale

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Salvation Army sets date for purse, shoe sale

By Becky Barclay
Published in News on April 27, 2014 1:50 AM

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Lt. Julie Igleheart shows some of the items that will be available at the Salvation Army Women's Auxiliary's purse, jewelry, shoe, scarf and bake sale.

Ladies, get your shopping shoes on because once again this year the Salvation Army is having its jewelry, purse, shoe and bake sale.

It will be held May 3 from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. at the Salvation Army at 610 N. William St.

"We know around this time people do a lot of spring cleaning and wonder what they're going to do with all those shoes and purses they have," Salvation Army Lt. Julie Igleheart said. "They can bring them here. If it's a large amount, they can call here and I can come by their house and pick it up."

For the sale, the Salvation Army is taking donations of gently used purses and shoes, jewelry and scarves.

"If someone bought a scarf and then thought, 'it's really not what I wanted, what am I going to do with it,' they can bring that here," Mrs. Igleheart said.

And if you have a necklace and earrings that go together, the Salvation Army is asking that you wrap them together in plastic wrap or put them in a plastic bag so they can be sold together.

Mrs. Igleheart said last year's sale was a huge success.

"Last year we had our fellowship hall and the kitchen area full of purses, shoes and jewelry," Mrs. Igleheart said. "When we took what was left over from the sale to our family store, it fit into a cart that you'd put mail in and that was all we had left.

"Last year we didn't open until 10 a.m. I pulled up in the parking lot at 7:30 a.m. just to make sure everything was OK, and the parking lot was already full. They wanted to make sure they were first in the door to get a purse."

Most items will be priced at $1, $2 and $3. However brand new purses and jewelry will be just a bit higher, Mrs. Igleheart said.

There will also be a variety of sweets for sale, baked by members of the Salvation Army's women's auxiliary.

The sale is one of the big fundraisers for the women's auxiliary.

"It helps sustain us through the summer," Mrs. Igleheart said. "If money's running short, that helps us out."

Mrs. Igleheart said it's also a time for the Salvation Army to promote what it does.

"A lot of people don't know that we're a church," Mrs. Igleheart said. "They don't know what kinds of things we help with every month.

"If some of the people would hear some of the stories that we hear, it might soften their heart a little bit. We had a lady come in and said she was one paycheck from being homeless. They cut her hours at work and things like that.

We took the time and helped her with her rent. She had enough to pay the other bills and had food in her house. But she was just a little short on her rent. Then we prayed with her."

Four days later, the woman called the Salvation Army to say she got another job working full time.

"She said she wanted to thank us for taking the time to help her out and pray with her about it," Mrs. Igleheart said. "That makes a lot of difference when people come through knowing they're not just another number."

The day of the sale, cash and checks will be taken, but no debit or credit cards.

For more information about the jewelry, purse, shoe and bake sale, call the Salvation Army at 919-735-4811.