04/04/14 — Majesty comes home

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Majesty comes home

By Matt Caulder
Published in News on April 4, 2014 1:46 PM

"I never did anything like this before but I fell in love with her," Ms. Hill said. "My kids called me anti-social before this but I was social when I had three phones calling in votes. I tried to look at it last night but it just wasn't the same without her."

Ms. Hill said she will follow Majesty's career wherever it takes her and believes the young singer has not spent her last days in the spotlight.

"The Lord will carry her under the shadow of his wings," Ms. Hill said.

Looking back at the road she has traveled so far, Majesty still sees the 22-year-old preschool teacher who left for Hollywood in the performer who returned.

"I told them they would have to get used to my style because that wasn't changing," Majesty said. "Hollywood definitely isn't Goldsboro."

Majesty said when she did the "American Idol Experience" at Disney "essentially on a dare," it never occurred to her she could be going on to the real "American Idol."

"That wasn't my plan," Majesty said. "There, you do four to five rounds that day and then they call you back at night. I never planned for that."

To realize that she was putting her whole life on hold for a chance at her dream is still a scary thought, Majesty said, but she noted that she has a support group to hold her up, as well as her faith..