06/29/14 — Heroin: What about Wayne County?

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Heroin: What about Wayne County?

By John Joyce
Published in News on June 29, 2014 4:00 PM

The Wayne County Sheriff’s office has reported a total of 15 arrests for heroin trafficking or possession with intent to sell and deliver heroin so far in 2014, with one arrest in February, then an average of an arrest per week since April.

The Sheriff’s Office also said more arrests are pending in the Goldsboro/Wayne County Interagency Drug Task Force’s ongoing investigation into the illegal sale and distribution of heroin in and around Wayne County.

During the course of the investigation, including both those arrests already made and some of those yet to come, about 2,163 bindles, or doses, of heroin have been seized for a total weight of approximately 108.15 grams, or a street value of more than $43,260.

According to the drug squad officers, a bindle contains 5/100 of a gram of heroin and sells individually for an average of $20 — the price can, however, be lower at times, sometimes as low as $5 or $10. A single gram of heroin, therefore, can equal 20 bindles.

A large portion of the heroin seized so far this year (94.3 grams) had not yet been packaged into bundles.

— Sidenote

Possession of more than four grams of any opiate, such as heroin, constitutes trafficking according to state law. Sentencing for a person found guilty of trafficking opiates vary based on criminal history, other charges associated with the verdict and whether or not the person convicted is designated a habitual felon.